El Morocco is an exotic oasis offering highest standards of food and service in a luxurious environment. Treat yourself to a six course feast!  Start with lentil soup, Moroccan salad , tomato Mix, Eggplant Puree and bastila. Next, your choice of entree with 21 different dishes to choose from.  Finish off your meal with a flaky, sweet Moroccan Pastry and fresh mint tea.

El Morocco now offers à la carte menu daily!



Traditional hearty Moroccan soup with lentils, tomatoes, fresh herbs and spices.($8.00)

Moroccan Salad -
An assortment of select Moroccan salads to include a mix of Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Parsley and Eggplant puree salad. ($8.00)

Bastilla -
Chicken, egg, and almonds baked in a flaky filo dough pie and topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar.($10.00)

Cornish Hen, Hare, &  Shish Kabobs

Cornish Hen with Lemons and Olives

(A whole Cornish hen braisedwith onions, lemon juice and green olives $20.00)

(Braised with tomato sauce, lemons, and green olives $20.00)
Shish Kabob
(Choice of Lamb $20.00, Beef $20.00, Chicken $20.00.
Served with Couscous, vegetables, garbanzo beans and raisins )

Chicken Entrees All ($20.00) Per/Entre.

Chicken  Tagine (chicken with vegetables)
Chicken Kamama
(chicken with honey and onions)
Chicken with Prunes

Chicken and Eggplant

Chicken with Almonds and Honey


Moroccan Pastry ($3.00)
Mint Tea
(Brewed green tea with mint $2.50)
Couscous couscous is a very fine cracked wheat

Couscous with Chicken and Vegetables

Couscous with Lamb and Vegetables
Couscous with Vegetables (All vegetarian dish)
Couscous Royal
(A combination of lamb, chicken, vegetables,
garbanzo beans and raisins)

Complete Dinner-
$38.00 Per Person

Children 14 years and under half price
Children 12 years and under $12
 *Gratuity of 18% added for groups of 6 or more.
Visa, Master card, American Express Discover accepted.

***All Entries are sarved with Moroccan bread.

Lamb Entrees($20.00) Per Entre.

Lamb with Almonds and Honey
(Braised Lamb with honey sauce,almonds and raisins)
Lamb with Prunes
(Braised Lamb with prunes and honey)
Lamb Kamama
(Braised Lamb with sauteed onion and honey)
Lamb Tagine
(Braised Lamb with vegetables, garbanzo beans, raisins, green olives, lemons, and sauteed onions)

Lamb with Eggplant

(Braised lamb topped with fried eggplant, sauteed onions and 
lamb sauce)
Full service bar to include Moroccan beers and wines also domestic and imported.


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