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El Morocco has belly dancing Tuesday through Sunday featuring the best performers in the region!
Enjoy a royal feast as you are entertained by the mezmerizing dancing.

Friday and Saturdays feature three dance shows.

1st Show - 7:30
2nd Show - 8:30
3rd Show - 9:30

All show times are approximate

Fadil Drumming and Serpiente
belly dance by serpiente

About Belly Dance:

There is the belief that belly dance is ancient; done in a time long ago when women would perform a dance to instruct pregnant women on how to strengthen and roll their abdominal muscles in preparation for childbirth.

Throughout history, the dance was performed by women for women; a tradition that continues in Saudi Arabia and other conservative Muslim countries. However, there was a period in the old days when the dance became a performance (entertainment) and was then performed in the presence of men and women.

Belly Dance is a beautiful, artistic art form that should be respected as such. Tipping is encouraged to show your appreciation of the dancer but it is not required. Traditionally, a dancer is showered with dollars but in the U.S., the tradition of respectively placing a tip in her belt is also accepted.

Bellydance by Yosifah Rose
Yosifah Rose

Fadil and Zaheea
Fadil and Zaheea



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