A LA Carte Menu

Offered Sunday thru Thursday only

Harira (Ramadan “Lentil” soup) $4.95

Magherb Salad $6.50

Bastila $8.00

Couscous with vegetables $12.95

Chicken with couscous & Vegetables $14.95

Lamb with couscous & vegetables $15.95

Shish kabab – choice of chicken, lamb or beef

(Served with couscous and vegetables) $15.95

Chicken with almonds & honey & raisins $14.95

Lamb with almonds & honey & raisins $15.95

Chicken with eggplant $14.95

Lamb with eggplant $15.95

Chicken & prunes $14.95

Lamb & prunes $15.95

Chicken kamama (honey & onions) $14.95

Lamb kamama (honey & onions) $15.95

Chicken tagine (vegetables) $14.95

Lamb Tagine (Vegetables) $15.95

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Couscous royal – chicken & lamb $15.95

Cornish hen with lemons & olives $16.95

Hare (braised & browned) $16.95

Moroccan pastry (Baklava) $2.50

Visa and Master card accepted.


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