"Great Food, Great Fun! The service is exceptional. I would strongly recommend this restaurant to anyone...." Read more reviews here.

Welcome! Sit back, relax and prepare for an authentic Moroccan dining experience. Once you step inside, you will feel as if you have been transported to an oasis of culture, color and taste. Enjoy live belly dancing  while being catered to by the warm, attentive staff. Choose from a delightful array of traditional entrees such as chicken, lamb, couscous and vegetarian dishes, all served in the traditional Moroccan style.

Opened in 1978, El Morocco has established itself as a fun, friendly restaurant with "the best Moroccan food around". The owner, Fadil Shahin, comes from a family with many musical talents. You might find him playing the oud and singing traditional Arabic songs or drumming his dumbek. His nephews own Marrakech in San Francisco, where they perform regularly as well.
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Fadil Shahin
Fadil playing the dumbek.

Fadil and Nader
Fadil and Nader

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